Mentorship - The most frequently asked questions

How does mentorship work on We the Makers?

It's quite simple. You can browse our proven & vetted mentors on our website and book a personal virtual 1-on-1. Choose an available day and time slot as well as the mentoring session you are interested in. Once you confirm your booking your will receive an email confirming your first mentoring session. On the day of your mentoring you will simply connect with your mentor following the instructions in your email.

Is one mentor session sufficient and enough?

The short answer is no. Remember true mentorship is not a one time questions & answers session but goes much deeper. It is not a sprint but a marathon. The is no fast lane to improve or acquire new skills, like everything that's worth in life this process needs time to bare fruits. Don’t rush the process and rather establish a long-term plan and work towards it together with the help of you mentor.

Can I have multiple mentors?

Yes! This really depends on your preference. There is no right or wrong. If you believe each one of your desired mentors has a unique skillset or experience to learn from it can certainly be a good idea. Having two opinions from trusted mentors can also be beneficial and help in the learning process.

Shouldn't mentorship be free?

Our mentors are leading creatives and well sought out professionals with limited time. We are happy to have curated a selection of top industry experts with years of experience that we believe have great mentoring qualities. We believe it is fair that each mentor can set their own rates since their time is highly valuable and they are willing to offer it to mentor and support mentees. You can also reach out to your desired mentor outside of We the Makers if they are willing to mentor you for free of course.

How do I choose the right mentor for me?

We have created an entire article on how to choose the right mentor. You can read more here.

I would like to recommend a mentor or become one myself.

We are always eager to welcome new mentors. Please note that we have set a high bar and expect years of experience and ideally previous teaching or mentoring experience. Please contact us directly.